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Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Honor Of A Great Father - Andi Gubini Pacheco Iriarte

Normally, I try to keep my posts from being dramatic or discouraging. Although this may seem to be discouraging at first please finish the entire post before you conclude that it is.

I started a new job and at this job I have met what I consider a good friend. This friend calls himself Johann Reyes and over the past few weeks we have spent every working hour in an office, working on computers and sharing each others lives with each other. He knows of my family, my faith, my friends and many other things that those that know me, know that I talk about. I have come to know of his family ( his soon to be wife in Honduras - Evelyn dare-I-say Reyes), his faith and friends. In this time I believe we have developed the beginning of a great friendship that I can see lasting quite a while.

In our discussions I have come to know of a cousin of his that lives in Honduras. This cousin talked quite frequently with him and I heard some of these coversations while at work. This cousin would open his home to Johann and Evelyn while Johann was visiting (as Evelyn has yet to immigrate here - she is awaiting approval from Immigration). On Tuesday evening, Johann had quite a funny and laugh-filled conversation with this cousin prior to the end of our shift and joked with me about how great a father, husband and man this cousin is. However, Johann comes into work on Wednesday morning to tell me he had a terrible night. Concerned, I ask what was up and he told me that this cousin was robbed and killed last night in Honduras.

To be frank, people's lives are not worth what may or may not be in their pockets, no matter how much you want it. These people only robbed him as a secondary thought. But enough about how I view this crime and on to my story.

I could see the grief in my friends eyes but I have no way of making sense of this to him. I offer words of encouragement and try to lift his spirits but he needs time to grieve. Therefore I asked for a photo and information about his cousin. I ask this of anyone who reads this post. Please share this mans photo on any website you can think of and help me let the two little boys and wife that were left with nothing but grief for what ever may of been in this man's pocket. If you can please put "In Honor Of A Great Father" as the title to the picture.

Andi Gubini Pacheco Iriarte

Died June 11th, 2013

Photo of Johann and Andi (Andi is on the right)

A Note From Johann To Andi


I got to enjoy wonderful moments with you and your family during my visit to Honduras. I learned to see what a wonderful person you were; great son, brother, cousin, husband and excellent father. It’s sad to see you go. You will always be in mind and heart. I will miss you cousin. I hate that I can't be there to give moral support to your family during this time of grief. I’m sad I cannot be at your burial to say my good byes to you in person, however my soon to be wife Evelyn is representing us both and giving support to your wife and 2 kids. Why did you have to leave us cousin, why? :(

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