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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Post: RJ Palmer author of Sins of the Father

RJ Palmer on Self Publishing

It's not for the lazy or faint of heart. One must be able to grow a thick skin, put up with the hateful or rude comments thrown your way, try to glean some kernel of truth from said comments and smile and act professional in the face of extreme adversity and disrespect. There is a certain stigma involved in self-publishing. People assume that a person who would choose to self-publish does so because they have no talent, that they couldn't make it in the real and cut throat world of traditional publishing. Truthfully, the opposite is true. I've met some incredibly talented and worthy authors who simply haven't gotten the luck of the draw. Their reviews are stellar, their work looks professional and the wit and wisdom among the entertainment value of their work is second to none. Why then did they not get their fair shake? Why didn't they get the notice they so richly deserve? I have two words for you, ladies and gentlemen, REJECTION LETTERS. Do you think that we haven't tried the traditional route? I contacted forty agents about my work and got a simple form letter back saying something along the lines of, "It's not you or your work, it's me. I simply don't have the time." So I went a different route.

Now, I write a novel and send the manuscript off to my editor and wait. I could be waiting several weeks or even months. I get the first draft back, go over it again, make necessary changes, send it back and sit back and wait. While I'm waiting, I'm contacting cover artists and working like a demon to come up with the money to pay my editor and cover artist. I'm also working on a press release, synopsis, description and trying to create a stir around the soon-to-be released book that makes people NEED to buy my book. I'm working with beta readers to polish the rough edges and gain constructive criticisms. And then I wait. When it comes back from the editor the second time, I go over it again and if all looks right, I contact the cover artist and the beta readers and, with guidance from my editor, touch up a few things and add a line here and there if need be to make the story a little more tight. Then, I format the book properly, add acknowledgements and dedications, build the book cover using the finished cover art, add the description and upload the finished files. It's only after several weeks of work that I'm able to come out with the press release and hit that "publish" button. The work involved is intimidating and I've been so incredibly lucky to have my husband there to help me every step of the way. He's better at marketing than I am. I'm better at coming up with the witty or profound written tidbits for all the interviews he sends my way.

I wish I could sit on a beach, sipping fruity little umbrella decorated cocktails and magically make a novel just become. That's what people seem have it in their heads that I do. Most of the time when I'm writing a novel, I have trouble sleeping because I can't turn my mind off and I'll forget to shower for a few days in a row. I get cranky with my kids and husband because I also forget to eat and I don't realize I'm hungry. I resent every intrusion, interruption and break, including the ones that should be fun or lighthearted. Then, when I'M done and my world hits a more even keel, my husband goes on a marketing rampage and he gets to run the gamut of emotions and reactions I just described.

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