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Saturday, March 2, 2013

GoodKindles For Authors and Readers

So I came across a new website in my never-ending quest for author promotion and decided to ask them a few questions.

From their site:
We have a large and rapidly growing traffic, closely targeted to kindle reader owners. How do we know? Nearly all our users come here via Google, searching such phrases as "Good kindle books", "Kindle book recommendations", "New kindle books" or "Kindle book reviews" - our users are kindle books readers.

Our visitors actively search for new books on our site - by typing a category they are searching for in the search box (like "romance" or "thriller"), by browsing our site and reading reviews, and by using our recommendation tools ("You might also like", random book button, archives and other).

A big number of people, when leaving the site, leave it by clicking links to the amazon.com site that we provide. What does that mean? That our users would like to buy a book on kindle, but they are searching for ideas and recommendations. And they are very likely to buy something that they find here. So submit your book and good luck with your sales!

Unlike other popular kindle book promotion websites, we do not require your book to be free or discounted to be featured - we accept paid books.

When you send us your book, it will appear at the top of our home page very quickly, usually the same day. Your book will stay on the site permanently, and will be promoted by our page's various recommendation options: "You might also like" widget, "Random book" button (nearly 79% of users hit that button) and many other promotional places on our site.

Plus, information about it will be posted the same day on our facebook page and twitter profile, and, most importantly, our email list subscribers will receive it in our daily newsletter.

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Why the name GoodKindles?

We have come up with the name goodkindles because of the obvious reasons - we want to promote kindle books, and we want to promote the good ones. That said, we do not accept some books - books with particularly and many bad reviews, affiliate and scam marketing books, very hard erotica and other. All approved books are edited and checked beforehand by us , so our readers have an appriopriate quality guaranteed.

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Why should I use your site to promo my book?

You should use our site to promo your book because we have a significant daily traffic, and what may be even more important, almost all users come from google search for such phrases as "good kindle books", "what should I read on kindle" and so on. We have had a lot of positive feedback from many authors, which reported seeing a good bump in sales after submitting their books to our site.

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What is the cost?

The cost is a payment of your choice, over $7 - all the other prices are optional and up to your choice.

Free Book Reviews
What kind of growth have you seen on your site?

in 2012 we have grown to about 35000 unique users per month. In the first months of 2013 we will probably reach 50000 unique users per month.

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