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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Donating for Jesus Christ

Today I went to the store to buy a few items and saw a Gold Clover asking me to donate to MDA. I felt the pull to give the $5 for the cause but I also felt something else. There in my mind was the Holy Spirit asking me who I was giving to and for whom I was giving. You see this clover has a space to ink in a name of the donor so that they can get their public kudos as it where. I though for a second and I placed the name Jesus in the space and passed it on.

This is where I really started to contemplate donations and I wondered something. What if I made a call to action? What if we all donated in the name of Jesus? So I challenge everyone to do just that. Pick a charity or church or person on the street and donate something or anything to them. When asked who it came from just state or write JESUS did.

Let us make a statement to the world that Jesus is still alive and giving.

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