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Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Subjected: Eye of God by G. F. Smith

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Daniel Jeremy Sayer has gone through more than his share of pain, loss, and frustration. Which leads him to ask some “Big Universe” questions: Why have we been subjected to this life? What on Earth is happening? Why the big mystery? Is anyone out there even listening?

When the answers start coming, in the form of a mysterious, seemingly benign, yet oddly inane individual from another dimension—Alien, or Angel, he’s not sure which—Daniel suddenly begins to question whether he really wants to know the answers after all.

Through tragedy, loss, coincidence and consequence; through frustration, anger, courage and faith, along with a touch of humility and humor; Daniel Jeremy Sayer unexpectedly finds himself being shown the metaphysical edge of human existence, whether he wants to see it, or not.


Overall Feedback: By now you may have noticed that I have read the first two of these books and so far how found them to be awesomesauce. This one did not disappoint as it was just as great as the two previous. This has to go to my top list of great series and I hope for more from this author in the future. Mr. Smith is someone to watch for in your local library one day.

Point of View: Once again you see the happenings through the eyes of Daniel through the eyes of the author.

Voice: The author stays in the realm of reasons and adds some possible answers to the whys we ask ourselves.

Character Development: Spot on and just as intriguing as before.

Plot: Again the author puts the reader right into the story and is able to create a plot that seems possible.

Dialogue: Again I felt as if I were in on the conversation.

Pacing: Non-stop heart-pumping action and mystery.

Setting: I had to constantly remind myself this was a fictional book not real life documentary. That is how real the author makes the world he paints.

Continuity: No issues here.

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