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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Earth: The End of Innocence

This review was written and provided by Candy Little author of The Unwilling Bride.

 Synopsis: Black Earth: End of the Innocence
 Nathan, Heather and Cynthia, appropriately nick-named Sin, all go to the same school and church. Although their lives
are very different, their paths intersect to help each other. They must work together to save the world from meteorites and

They encounter a president who's goal is total domination, black fog that kills, an alpha hit team hired to alienate a church
youth camp and several more bad guys along the way. But, they are not alone. Alien beings from other planets have come
to Earth to try and stop Legion and save the human race. And Pearl, an immortal must find her own purpose in life by
helping the people of Earth.

Review: Black Earth: End of the Innocence
Although Science Fiction isn't my normal genre, I found myself caught up in this fast paced novel and couldn't stop reading. It is
a great take on the book of Revelations.

From page one, my heart broke for Pearl, an immortal who is trying to kill herself so she can go to heaven to be with her father.
No matter what she does, she can't die.

Nathan has just graduated and his parents don't bother coming to the ceremony. On top of that, his girlfriend is more interested
in flirting with another guy than congratulating him.

Heather is in love with Nathan but has never said anything to him because of his girlfriend. Trying to deal with the emotions of a
tragic car accident that left a baby dead, she goes off to a church youth camp. Missing Nathan isn't helping her feel any better.

Although Cynthia (Sin) has made a name for herself in school by sleeping around, it's hard not to feel compassion for her when
she is raped at a bar. The fact that she has a dominating, abusive mother, makes her life even more tragic.

Although I loved the plot and found the characters well rounded and believable, I do have a few cautions as far as the Christian
content. There is quite a bit of sexual content. The story line for Sin revolves around her having sex with many boys, but to
include women also, was more than I could take.

I also realize that Mr. Silver is a bad guy, so kidnapping and making sexual slaves out of women is believable, but it seemed overkill.
I got tired of reading the word "crotch".

Also disappointing was the story line for Sin. I would have liked to have seen her evolve more, and truly regret her actions. It felt like
she started to regret them a little, but never truly asked God to forgive her.

Most of the time I was able to keep up with the jumping around from character to character but a few times I got lost. I also found some
inconsistencies like Sin taking a pregnatency test when she'd just been rapped the day before. A test won't show anything for a month.

Over all I would highly recommend this book, and for only .99 you can't go wrong.

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