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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Review: Inheritance (The Evolution Chronicles Book 2) by RJ Palmer

Description on Amazon:

It’s been twenty years since that fateful winter night in the Colorado asylum and the Donnelly twins are all grown up. Elizabeth is a bit of a bounder with a taste for adventure and Renee… Well, Renee just wants to be normal.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

When tragedy strikes the Donnelly family and everything goes haywire, Renee finds herself scrambling alone in a race against time to solve the riddle of a lifetime, fix what’s broken and figure out how it all went so horribly wrong to begin with.


First let me place my disclaimer and state that this is my wife's book and I agreed to review it on my own. I remove one star as she is my wife. This seems to be fair.

Point of View: In this installment you are taken into the mind of Raine's daughter Renee. You know, one of the twins from the first book (Birthright). Be ready for an impressive ride inside the mind of a person who has more power than she can fathom.

Voice: I have always found RJ Palmer's work to have a bit of introspection in them and see her as trying to convey to look in oneself before casting your judgments. She follows this same voice into her third published novel.

Character Development: You can tell that Birthright was written by a young woman trying to find herself in a big wide world. Sins of the Father showed massive growth both personally and professionally. Inheritance steps that learning up a notch and the writer is coalescing with the author and the woman. In other words, outright beautiful character development. I hurt for each of them, cried for their pain and felt the ache of despair. I wanted to jump into the novel and save all of them, even those that may have deserved worse fates.

Plot: Most people are afraid to jump so far into the future (20 years) to start the second novel but this author does it so well you do not miss a beat.

Dialogue: All "good" novels have the "unwritten character". I mean any book worth reading makes the dialogue wrap the reader into the story and causes them to be a part of the story. RJ Palmer does this with expert precision. Be ready to cry, yell and scream for the entirety of this book.

Pacing: Be ready to be exhausted by the end but aching for more.

Setting: RJ Palmer has found the sweat spot when it comes to detailing a setting. Enough to show us her mind, but leaving enough room for our imaginations to take flight.

Continuity: Again, 20 years seems like a long time but the author does well to keep it in line with the first book and does well throughout the story spinning her web.

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Book Review: The Game of Pawns (Book Three of the Darkness Series) by Leonard D. Hilley II

Description from Amazon:

Pawns are Expendable . . .

Twelve execution-style murders have occurred in Newark, New Jersey, in less than a week. Each murder has a calling card - a red pawn on each corpse. Kat Gaddis and Lucian investigate the homicides and discover the last four victims were employed by GenTech, a company that recently merged with Mech Cybernetics. After FBI director Mike Carpenter shares evidence with Kat, they soon discover political ties and corruptions that place Kat's life in direct danger. New players emerge and what seems like serial murders suddenly becomes a struggle for biotech knowledge and power. Kat is thrust into their game - The Game of Pawns.

Overall: Picking up three years after the first book in this series the reader is taken on another thrill-filled ride. As a word of warning I ask that anyone reading this review go pick up and read the first in this series so that they can and will understand the development and progression of both the plot and characters. This action-packed follow up is a perfect follow up to the first and caused me to go right into the third of the series because I just had to know where it was going. This author is full of talent and has a very long career in entertaining the brain of this reader.


Point of View: Again you walk the same path as Daniel from the previous two novels. With a myriad of characters that have been developed throughout the series and some new ones thrown in for fun.

Voice: The author maintains their dark and erotic thrills throughout the series and this one does not disappoint.

Character Development: Flawless execution once again. The characters we have followed are fully fleshed out and roaring for a story.

Plot: Staying in form with the previous books, this installment does not leave the reader clueless.

Dialogue: Well formed if not a bit overdone in some places.

Pacing: At the last page you will try to remember just how long you have really been reading as it goes by the seemingly fast.

Setting: New Jersey 2026. Need I say more.

Continuity: The author obviously took the time to make sure each book related to the next and kept the reader inside the story as it unfolded.

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